Product Management
Customer Success
Complement the existing tools for CRM, Product Management and Customer Success, & increase ROI from the current investments

Prioritize based on what matters

Which customer use cases are in Green/Amber/Red status from a fitment and delivery perspective during the pre-sales to go-live?

What is the revenue impact of customer use cases at risk due to product feature prioritization or implementation delays?

Who needs to do what by when for faster time-to-value for customers and faster revenue recognition for your organization?

Prevent churn risk from 'bad fit' customers

Get the 'fit score' and visibility of specific gaps between ‘requirement’ & ‘product’ as early as the pre-sales stage.

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to close these gaps and prevent any surprises or delays during the onboarding.

Never lose important information during the ‘Sales to Delivery’ handoff

Standardize all the handover information in a structured format with details of use cases, revenue, priority, timeline and solution mapping.

No more information silos in CRM/Handover word/Excel tracker/PM tool etc. for 'who needs to do what by when' for delivering the use cases.

Elevate from operational firefighting to strategic partnership with customers

Resolve daily firefighting issues proactively with actionable insights and automatic notifications from the platform to build credibility with customers.

Achieve customer-centric value delivery at scale by easily tracking multi-dimensional data including customers, use cases, product features required, implementation tasks, dependencies, timelines, team resources, dollar impact, risk status etc.

Spend more time building trusted advisor relationships with customers that a machine can't do (yet).


Business Benefits


High NPS

Achieve high NPS from customers with faster and successful go-live


Product Adoption & Retention

Establish a strong leading indicator of adoption and retention by tracking the time-to-value for users


Cost Optimization

Optimize time, effort and resources among cross-functional teams during pre-sales, onboarding & implementation


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